Dalit Christians  
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
John C. B. Webster The Dalit Christians : A History 95
James Massey Roots of Dalit History : Christianity,  Theology and Spirituality 65
John C. B. Webster The Pastor to Dalits 60
M. J. Antony Dalit Rights 100
James Massey Dalit Solidarity 50
James Massey Dalits in India 300
James Massey Indigenous People : Dalits 120
B. N. Banerjee Struggle for Justice to Dalit Christians 165
  Dalit Revolution/Movement  
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
Dr. Kshirsayar Dalit Movements in India and Its Leaders 550
Henry Thiagaraj Asian Dalit Solidarity 125
Gail Omvedt Dalits & The Democratic Revolution  Dr. Ambedkar & The Dalit Movement in Colonial India 425
S. Pendse Dalit Movement : Today 100
James Massey Dalit : 50 Years of Independence 1947-97 (Status, Growth & Development) 280
Ramshray Roy Dalit Development & Democracy 380
S. M. Michael Dalit in Modern India :Vision & Values 450
Ashish Ghose  Dalit & Peasants : Role of Agricultural  Credit In the Prosperity of SC 595
Peter Robby Dalit Movements and the meanings of Labour in India 290
O. P. Sangwan Dalit Society at the challenge of Development 525
O. P. Sangwan Social System and the Dalit Identity 650
Ed. Ajit Murican Perspective of Dalit Question & the Future of Dalit Politics 40
Arjun Dhangla Poisoned Bread (Translation from Modern Marathi Dalit Literature) 165
V. T. Rajshekhar  Dalit Movement in India  20
  Dalit Women  
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
P. G. Jogdand Dalit Women : Issues & Perspective 325
Leela Vishavnath Social Mobility among S. C. Women 350
Ram Sharma Education of Women of S.C. & S.Ts 350
Shukla Ghosh Dalit Women 300
M.J. Anthony Women's rights 45
P. Nirmala Bhai Harijan Women in Independent India 125
Jogan Shanker Devdasi Cult 250
A. K. Biswas Sati : Saga of a Glory Practice 25
P. C. Jain Scheduled Caste Women 300
Lalita Kabra S. C. Girls : Educational Backward And  Prospects 225
B. B. Mathur Women & Depresed Caste Population In  India 400
Shalini Women Soliciting change 60
Franco/Jyotisha The Silicon Swing  450
  Dalit Autobiography & Dalit Literature  
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
Laxman Mane Upara : An Outsider 100
Dr. D.R. Jatav A Silent Soldier : An Autobiography 160
Laxman Gaikwad The Branded 110
Balwant Singh An Untouchable in I.A.S. 250
Balwant Singh Freedom to Struggle 30
Mulk Raj Anand An Anthology of Dalit Literature 150
  Changing Status of Scavanger's  
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
Dr. Shyam Lal Bhangi 200
Bindsewar Pathak Road To Freedom 200
Dr. Shyam Lal The Changing Bhangi's of India 450
Rama Sharma Scavenger in Indian Society 350
B. N. Srivastava Mannual Scavanging in India   250
M. Z. Khan & Dassi Road to Dignity 120
  Periyar & His Ideology  
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
Periyar Pub. Collected Work of Periyar Vol. I 250
Periyar Pub. Collected Work of Periyar Vol. II : An Anthology 150
K. Veeramani Periyar : Is There A God 45
K. Veeramani Religion and Society 45
M. D. Gopalakrishnan Periyar : Father of the Tamil Race 40
K Veeramani Periyar on Women Rights 45
K Veeramani Gods of Ingeorse : Periyar 30
M. D. Gopalakrishnan A Garland to Periyar 45
Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule & His Philosophy
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
Dhananjay Keer Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule 300
T. Laxmi Shastri Jyoti Rao Phule 26
J. Govindrao Phule Collected works of Phule Selections Vol. I 29
J. Govindrao Phule Collected works of Phule Selections Vol. 2 29
N. G. Pawar   Mahatma Jyoto Rao Phule 400
Buddha & Buddhism
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
P. L. Narsu Essence of Buddhism 265
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar The Buddha and his Dhamma 100
Lal Mani Joshi Disscerning the Buddha 225
Sir Edwin Arnold Light of Asia 200
S. Subbanna Modern Hindu Buddhist 100
Parel & B. Silcare Buddhism and Science  250
S. K. Biswas Buddhism : The Religion of Mohanjodaro   Harappa Cities  495
Kanai Lal Hazra The Constitution of the Buddhist Sangha 450
N. Ratanpala Crime & Punishment in the Buddhist Tradition 240
D.C. Ahir Buddhism : 50 Years of Independence (1947-97 Status Growth & Development) 280
Hackmann Buddhism : As a Religion 60
T. H. S. Tcherbatsky Buddhist Logic (Vol. I & II) 400
Nalinaksha Dutt Buddhist Sects in India  195
Ven. Dr. Medhanicar The Great Buddhist Emperors of Asia 100
F. Max Muller The Dhammapada 250
Dr. D. R. Jatava The Humanism of Buddha 400
Romesh C. Dutt Civilisation in the Buddhist Age 45
P. V. Bapat 2500 years of Buddhism 95
D.C. Ahir How and Why Buddhism Declined in India ? 30
D. C. Ahir  India's Debt to Buddism 30
D. C. Ahir  Buddhism in Modern India 250
D. C. Ahir  Heritage of Buddhism 750
D. C. Ahir  Buddhist Shrines in India 95
Shotaro Lida Facets of Buddhism 150
Narendra Wagle Society at the time of Buddha 300
Dr. L. Kenedi Revival of Buddhism in Modern India  

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