Scheduled Castes & Education
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
S. K. Yadav Education of Scheduled Castes 225
Puran Singh Problems of Education Among S. C. 125
Krishna/Kumar Impact of Education on S. C. in India 80
Sinha Education and Disadvantaged ( Study of  S.C. & S.T) 350
Nazima Rizvi Source Material on Education of S. C. &    S.T. 700
Harijans & Untouchables
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
S. N. Srivastva Harijan in Indian Society   300
Lal/ Nahar Extent of untouchability and Patterns of    Discrimination 125
Shri Ram Nikam       Destiny of Untouchables in India       300
D. Venkateswar Harijan Upper Class Conflicts   300
Mumtaz Ali Khan Identity Formation and Self Identity Among Harijan Elites 325
Dr. Kshir Sagar Untouchability in India 250
B.Goswami Untouchability (A Novel) 95
V. Puspha Poverty Alleviation & Rural Harijans 425
James M. Freeman Untouchable :An Indian Life History in  India  150
Jagjiwan Ram Caste Challenges and Harijan Problems  160
Reservation : Perspective & Issues
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
A. K. Vakil  Reservation Policy & Scheduled Caste 150
V. Kirpal/Gupta Equality through Reservation 375
Singh/Sharma Reservation Politics in India: Mandalisation of the Society 240
Muthuswamy Brinda Reservation & Concessions in Government  Service 350
O. P. Sharma Reservation : A Gimmick 135
Singh/Agarwal Reservation Policy, Programmes & Issues 250
Bajpai Judicial Responds to the probems of the  Reservation 350
Oneil Biswas  Reservation legal Perspectives 30
Chandra Mishra Reservation Crisis in India 150
Anirudh Prasad Reservation Policy and Practice in India 550
Madhusudhan  Reddy  Reservation Policy in India 180
Iswari Prasad Reservation : Action of   Social equality 100
Shyam Singh Reservation :Problems and Prospects 275
S. P. Sharma Reservation : Bane or Boon 40
Dr. Matadin Supreme Court on Reservation 300
J. Mishra Equality Vs Justice: The Problems of  Reservation 250
Atarilal/ Singh Reservation Politics in India 240
Mishra/Kaur Reservation Policy and Personnel Selection 275
Ravindra Bains Reservation Policy and Anti Reservation 500
H.S. Saxena Safeguards for S.C & S.T. (Founding  Father's View) 550
Mandal Commission/Backward Classes & Reservation  
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
Anirudh Prasad Reservation Justice to Other Backward  Classes 600
Edited Reservation for Backward Classes (Mandal Commission report of the Backward classes Commission 1980) 250
S. R. Maheswari  The Mandal Commission and Mandalisation 130
B. K. Roy Barman Beyond Mandal and After Backward Classes in Perspective 165
K. S. Yadav Indian Unequal Citizens ( A Study of  O.B.Cs) 500
S. N. Singh Reservation Policy for Backward Classes 450
Dalit History and Roots
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
S. Dharma Theertha History of Hindu Imperialism 155
Sharad Patil Dasa - Sudhra Slavery 200
G. W. Briggs The Chamars 90
Sharma The Chamar Artisans 350
R. S. Sharma Sudras in Ancient India 295
Dr. Naval Viyogi The Founders of Indus Valley Civilisation  And their Later History 300
D.D. Kosambi Indian History  175
D. N. Jha Ancient India 55
R. C. Jeloha The Native Indians in Search of Identity 200
S. K. Biswas Hinduraj : Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow 195
Nathuram Godse May it Please your Honour 40
Dr. Kancha Illaih Why I Am Not A Hindu 140
V. T. Rajshekar Why Godse Killed Gandhi ? 50
D. C. Ahir Ashoka : The Great  200
H. D. Sanklia Ramayana : Myth and Reality 24
Vincent A.Smith Ashoka : The Buddhist Emperor of India 50
D. C. Ahir Dr. Ambedkar and Indian History 50
TPH Chentavarty Indegeneous India 300
TPH Chentavarty Dr. Ambedkar and Indian History 500
J. R. Kamble Persuit of Equality in Indian History 200
D. D. Kosambi Myth & Reality  180
Dalits and Human Rights
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
Mumtaz Khan Human Rights and the Dalits 200
R. M. Pal Human Rights of Dalit 450
Henry Thiaharaj  Human Rights from the Dalit Perspective 200
Dalit & Their Dimensions
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
Eleanor Zelliot From Untouchable to Dalit 225
V. Murlidharan Educational Priorities and Dalit Society 395
Mulk Raj Anand An Anthology of Dalit Literature 150
Dr. D. Ravi Prasad Dalit Youth :A Sociological Study 400
Walter Fernandes The Emerging Dalit Identity   110
Gail Omvedt Dalit Vision 75
Dr. Jose Kananaikil Dalit Organisations :A Directory 40
Dr. Sumanakshar Who's Who of Dalit Writers in India 500
A. K. Lal Dalit in Action 150

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