Dr. B. R. Ambedkar : A Revolutionary
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
Anand Teltumbde Ambedkar in & for the Past Ambedkar Dalit Movement  50
D. K. Basantry Ambedkar : The Total Revolutionary 120
Thomas Mathew Dr. Ambedkar : Reform or Revolution 175
D. C. Ahir Ambedkar : The Great 170
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar & His Legacy
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
Nanak Chand Rattu Last Few Year of Dr. Ambedkar 250
Nanak Chand Rattu Reminiscences & Remembrance of Dr. Ambedkar 200
Justice Krishna Iyer Dr. Ambedkar and Dalit Future 250
Dr. D. R. Jatava Ambedkar & Humanism 500
K. N. Kadam Dr. Ambedkar & Significance of His Movement 125
D.C. Ahir The Legacy of Dr. Ambedkar 600
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar & Social Mobility
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
  Ambedkar and Social Justice (2 Vols) Centenary Year Papers 280
Ed. A.M. Rajashekhariah Dr. Ambedkar : The Quest for Social Justice 250
K. L. Chanchreek Dr. B. R. Ambedkar :Social Justice and Political Safeguards for Depressed Classes 400
B. S. More The Social Context of anIdeology (Ambedkar Political & Social thought) 375
Dr. D. R. Jatava Social Philosophy of Dr. Ambedkar 450
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar on Buddhism
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
D. C. Ahir Dhamma : As Told by Dr. Ambedkar 125
Sanghsen Singh Ambedkar on Buddhist Conversion & its  Impact 300
K. N. Kadam The Meaning of the Ambedkarite Conversion to Buddhism & Other Essays 200
Dr. L. Kenedy Revival of Buddhism in Modern India and The Role of B. R. Ambedkar & Dalai Lama  xiv 150
Bhagwan Dass Revival of Buddhism in Modern India & Role of Dr. Babasaheab B. R. Ambedkar 75
M. G. Chitkara Dr. Ambedkar towards Buddhism 500
K. David Pandayen Dr. Ambedkar and the Dynamics of Neo  Buddhism 225
D. C. Ahir Dr. Ambedkar Buddhist Revolution and Counter Revolution in Ancient India 300
D. C. Ahir Ambedkar & Buddhism 125
Scheduled Caste (SC) and Their Socio-Economic Status
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
Mumtaz Ali Khan S. C. and their Status in India 250
N. Prakash S. C. Socio-Economic Changes 250
Khan/Furquan S. C. : Their Socio-Economic Background & Development Aspirations 445
C. Parvathamma S. C. and S. T. : A Socio-Economic Survey 300
Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST)
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
Nandu Ram Encyclopedia of S. C. in India 12000
S.K. Chatterjee The Scheduled Caste of India Peoples of  India ( IV Volumes) 2400
B. P. Chourasia Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes  in India 350
H. C. Upadhyay Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes in India 350
S. Swaroop Gupta Varna Castes and S. C. 180
Scheduled Castes & Social Mobility
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
G. G. Wankhede Social Mobility & S. C. 400
C. L. Sharma Social Mobility Among S. C. 250
Rajendra Prasad Law of Social Status 395
K. L. Sharma Social Stratification of Mobility 100
D. R. Jatava Social Justice in India   400
K. K. Mohanti Social Mobility and Caste Dynamics 175
Oneil Bishwas From Justice to Welfare 150
Victor Sunderaj Scheduled Castes of Rural India 500
Scheduled Caste & Their Development
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
Makhan Jha   Scheduled Caste : Today 250
Benjamin Joseph S. C. in Indian Politics and 275
J. K. Pundir Changing Patterns of Scheduled Caste 350
S. Selvanathen Status of Scheduled Caste 200
O.P. Sharma Scheduled Caste:Population & Literates 450
G. Prakashan Changing Status of S. C. 300
U. B.K Chetty S. C. and Development Programme in India 250
C. Parvathamma S. C. at the Cross Roads 150
Vijay Kumar S. C. and Panchayat Pradhans in India 140
H. R. Trivedi S. C. Quest for Land & Social Equality 270
Parvatamma New Horizons for SCs 100
Mumtaz Ali Khan Social Legalisation and Civil Rights  of S.C in India 250
I. D. Alte Rural Employment of S.C. 125
K. K. Gaur Role of Agricultural Credit in the Prosperity of S.C. 290
R. C. Chandra Spatial Dimensions of S.C. 130
D. R. Singh Rural Leadership Among Scheduled Caste 160
Tiwari/Tripathi Dimensions of S. C. Development in India 250
S. M. Dahiwale Emerging Enterprenership Among SC of   Contemporary India 150
Shukla/Verma Development of S. C. Administration 300
Prasad/Kanth Development of  S.C. Leather Artisians 300

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