Author Books Price in Rs.
  Kanshiram Smriti Granth 300
Kanshiram Chamcha Yug: translation of Era of Stooges 100
  Balwan Nayak Manyavar Kanshiram Ji Ki Avishvashniya Bhashan 100
  Editorials of Kanshiram (taken from journal Oppressed of India) 150
  The Crusader Kanshiram  
Books By Dr. Ambedkar 
Author BOOKS Price in Rs.
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Annihilation of Caste 20
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Indian Constitution (Biligual) 100
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Thought of linguistic States 20
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Thoughts on Pakistan (Vol. I & II)      120
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar What Congress & Gandhi have done to the Untouchables? 100
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Who were Shudras ? 150
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Buddha and his Dhamma 100
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Why Go for Conversion   10
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's Biographies
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
G. S. Lokhande Bhim Rao Ramji  Ambedkar 200
Dhananjay Keer Dr. Ambedkar Life & Mission 250
Oneil Biswas A Phenomenon named Ambedkar   100
Shyam Lal / Sexena Ambedkar & National Building 550
Dr.D.R. Jatava Dr. Ambedkar :Unique & Varsatile 110
Dr. D. R. Jatava B. R. Ambedkar : A Vision of Man & Moral 500
Mohini Gupta Bhima Rao Ramji Ambedkar: Makers of  Modern India 600
Complete Writings & Speeches  of BabaSaheb Dr. Ambedkar
AUTHOR BOOK Price in Rs.
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS  Vol. 1 -  Castes in India and 11 other essays            40
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS   Vol  2-  Dr. Ambedkar in the Bombay Legislature , with the Simon Commission and at Round Table Conferences  1927 -1939                  80
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS   Vol 3-   Philosophy of Hinduism India and the Pre - Requisites of Communism Revolution and Counter-Revolution Buddha or Karl Marx                             40
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS   Vol 4-   Riddles in Hinduism                                      40
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS   Vol 5-   Essays on Untouchables and Un- touchability      40
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS   Vol 6-   The Evolution of Provincal Finanace in British-  The Problem of the Rupee 55
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS   Vol 7-   Who were the Shudras? The Untouchables 40
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS   Vol 8-   Pakistan or the Partition of India       40
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS   Vol 9-   What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables Mr. Gandhi and the Emancipition of the Untouchables 50
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS   Vol 10- Dr. Ambedkar as Member of the Governor General's Executive Council 1942- 46 95
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS   Vol 10- The Buddha and His Dhamma 70
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS   Vol 12- Unpublished Writings Ancient Indian Commerce, Notes on Laws Waiting for a Visa. Miscellaneous Notes etc.  95
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS   Vol 13  Dr. Ambedkar as the Principal Architect of the Constitution of India  190
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS   Vol 14-  Dr. Ambedkar and the Hindu Code Bill ( 2 Vol)     200
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS   Vol 15- Dr. Ambedkar as the Free India's First Law Minister and the Memeber of Oppisition in Indian Parliament (1947-1956) 110
Dr. Ambedkar BAWS   Vol 16- Dr. Ambedkar's(1) The Pali Grammar (2)  The Pali Dictionary (a) Pali into English        (b) Pali into English , Marthi , Hindi and Gujrathi (c)    Bouddha Pooja Path 75
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's Different Aspects
Dr. D. R. Jatava Ambedkar Philosophy of Religion 400
D. C. Ahir Dr. Ambedkar and Punjab 300
Chalam K. S. Relevance of Dr. Ambedkarism 240
Dr. Ramesh Chander  Dr. Ambedkar Science & Society 400
Dr. Dinkar Khabde Dr. Ambedker & Western Thinkers 50
Dr. Bhajan Kaur      The Philosophy of Dr. Ambedkar 50
Vijay V. Gaikwad Dr. Ambedkar's Foreign Policy & Its  Relevance 350
D. C. Ahir Dr. Ambedkar on British Raj 50
D. C. Ahir Selected Speeches of  Dr. Ambedkar  60
Ed. B. K. Ghatak Ambedkar Thought 500
P. S. Krishnan Three Historical Addresses of Dr. B.R.        Ambedkar (In Search of remedies for      current insability of Polity) 40
Dr. Surendra Ajnat Letters of Ambedkar 150
Ed. D. C. Ahir Dr. Ambedkar on Islam 20
D. C. Ahir Dr. Ambedkar at the Round Table Conference, London(1930-1932) 30
Nanak Chand Rattu Pioneers of Ambedkar Buddhist Movement in United Kingdom 150
Phadke /Surwade Selected writings & Speeches of  Dr. Ambedkar 150
Critical & Comparative Study of  Dr. Ambedkar
W.N. Kuber Ambedkar:A Critical Study 50
Dr. D. R. Jatav The Critics of Dr. Ambedkar 450
S. K. Biswas Father of the Constitution of India       250
Arun Shourie          Worshipping False God 250
Ganga Das Who Worship False God 175
D. C. Ahir      Gandhi & Ambedkar : A Comparative  Study                       30
A. K. Vakil Gandhi Ambedkar Dispute 200
Madhu Limaye Manu, Gandhi and Ambedkar Policy & Other Essay 250
Vijay Gaikwad The Lampoons by Arun Shorie 45
S. K. Biswas God, False God & Untouchables 395
Chavan Gandhi & Ambedkar Saviour of Untouchables 400

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